Mr. Rui Lixin Joins TI as Senior Fellow

On July 8, 2022, Mr. Rui Lixin joined Taihe Institute (TI) as a senior fellow.



Mr. Rui received his master of law degree from the University of International Business and Economics, and he was a senior visiting scholar at Boston University School of Law. He used to work in the former Ministry of Labor, and the former Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China, and he was the Director of the Laws and Regulations Department at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China. Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Social Law Studies Institute at China Law Society.


Mr. Rui has long been engaged in China's reforms of wage system and social insurance system, and has participated in the research, design and legislative work of China's employment contract system, employment system, labor-dispute arbitration system, and social insurance system. He has participated in drafting and design of specific details of China's Labor Contract Law, Law on Labor-Dispute Mediation and Arbitration, Employment Promotion Law, Social Insurance Law and more than a dozen administrative regulations. In addition, Mr. Rui also organized the drafting of dozens of regulations, such as minimum wage regulations, proposed regulations for enterprise pensions, and management regulations for enterprise pensions and funds.


Mr. Rui is the translator and editor of several books, such as Job Evaluation, New Edition of Enterprise Pension Rules: Questions and Answers, and New Edition of Collective Agreement Policies: Questions and Answers. He has also published several academic papers, such as "Thoughts on Distribution According to Work," and "Research on Work-Related Injury Compensation System."


The addition of Mr. Rui Lixin further strengthens Taihe Institute's research capabilities in both social governance and rule of law in China.



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