Dr. Wang Jian Joins Taihe Institute as Senior Fellow

On December 21, 2021, Dr. Wang Jian was officially welcomed as a Taihe Institute (TI) Senior Fellow during a ceremony held at the institute’s Beijing headquarters.
Dr. Wang Jian, a postdoctoral researcher and professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), has previously served as a visiting professor at the National Central University, the National Chengchi University, the Keio University and the Sunmoon University. Dr. Wang has also served as a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo.
Dr. Wang has actively engaged in Northeast Asian studies for many years and currently serves as the executive director of the China Japanese History Association, the China Society of Sino-Japanese Relations History, and as director of the Chinese Association for Japanese Studies.
Dr. Wang brings to Taihe Institute his profound knowledge of the Taiwan issue. He currently serves as a special research fellow at the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, as a member of the Academic Committee of the Taiwan Research Center at Xiamen University, and is an adjunct professor at the Center for Taiwan Studies of Fudan University.
Dr. Wang is an accomplished author with many works to his credit, such as The Post-War Evolution of Japan-Taiwan Economic Relations and Studies on the Post-War History of U.S.-Japan-Taiwan Relations from 1945 to 1995.
Dr. Wang Jian’s joining as a Senior Fellow at TI expands its research strength in the area of international relations, significantly strengthening TI’s research capabilities for both Northeast Asian studies and the Taiwan issue.
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