Xie Maosong Joins Taihe Institute as Senior Fellow

On November 28, 2021, a ceremony was held to welcome Mr. Xie Maosong as a senior fellow of Taihe Institute.
Mr. Xie Maosong is a senior research fellow at the National Strategy Institute of Tsinghua University, and a strategic research expert on key and core technologies at the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Mr. Xie is both a university professor and also an expert on China issues for South China Morning Post.
Mr. Xie got his doctorate degree in history from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He accumulates deep expertise in the fields of arts, history and philosophy. His research on China ranges from its history, civilization and philosophies, to its political ideology, political system and national strategies.
He is the author of How to Be A Good Policy Advisor: A Book About Traditional Political Theories and Practices in China, among other books. His forward-looking researches on the relationship between the CPC and Chinese civilization, digital civilization, and China’s new type of whole-nation system has generated great interest at home and abroad.
Having Mr. Xie Maosong on board as senior fellow will further expand the research capability of Taihe Institute in the areas of domestic governance and international communications.
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