Opportunities of Global Development ─ Director of Taihe Institute Europe Center Talking about “Belt and Road Initiative”

May 1st, 2018, Beijing, China


Thorsten Jelinek

Senior researcher of Taihe Institute
Director of Taihe Institute Europe Center
CEO OF Poly Terra
Former associate director of the World Economic Forum


While in his Ph.D. program in the Cambridge University in 2004, Thorsten Jelinek, director of the Taihe Institute Europe Center already started to study China because of a paper on China’s reform and opening-up. Since then, he began to learn more about this fast developing country in the east and explore its differences with western countries. After joining Taihe Institute, he has attended the World Public Forum, the Clinton Initiative, the Internet Governance Forum, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and other events worldwide.

Thorsten Jelinek has always paid close attention to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and he held that the fast pace of China’s infrastructure development and the remarkable achievements of the five years’ plans have provided the world with a whole new perspective to reflect on the economic development model. Against the backdrop of globalization, the “Belt and Road” Initiative of China has been in a unique place worldwide. The huge potential of China has attracted many other countries to join in this new multilateral platform, which is about to bring benefits and stability to the “Belt and Road” countries.


Let's follow Mr. Thorsten Jelinek’s perspective of China.
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